We recognise that there can be difficulties in bringing your cat into the practice. They often don’t travel well, don’t enjoy being in a cat carrier, feel unsafe in unfamiliar environments, and often become stressed during their visits.

Did you know that we are working towards being a ‘silver’ accredited cat friendly clinic with ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine)?

What does this mean?

An accredited cat friendly clinic must reach a defined high standard of cat care. Some requirements which need to be met are:

  • A physical barrier between cat and dog waiting areas
  • Separate cat and dog wards
  • All staff understand a cat’s particular needs and know how to handle them safely
  • Cats are handled in certain ways to minimise as much stress as possible
  • Cat friendly equipment and operating equipment
  • Consultations are a minimum of 10 minutes long to allow for cat friendly handling and to minimise stress.
  • An appointment of a cat friendly advocate within our team, a role currently assigned to our RVN Frankie Greensit


Below are some links to cat care leaflets

Cat Friendly Clinic- ISFM guide for cat carers

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Photo by Engin Akyurt